What a lovely Winter Recital!

Monday, January 31, 2022 by Lisa Barwell | Performing

What a lovely Winter Recital!

January 29, 2022

Lily Music Studio students present their Winter Recital

Our in-studio recital was a cozy affair celebrating our theme for the year, "Bringing Color to the World With Our Music." Students played a variety of pieces that represented different colors.

Prior to the recital, students colored modern pictures that represented one of their pieces (see above, on the wall behind the students). For most students, these pictures were abstract and consisted of lines, squiggles, dots, etc. in colors that gave an idea of the patterns in the music.

Lily Music Studio students color pictures to represent their musicLily Music Studio students color pictures to represent their music

During the recital, students played beautifully and parents enjoyed the show!

Lily Music Studio students present their Winter RecitalLily Music Studio students present their Winter Recital

Winter Recital 2022

We made sure to record it so students could share it with family members later!

Lily Music Studio students present their Winter Recital

We all enjoyed brownies and blondies "to go" after the recital was finished.

Winter Recital treats

A fun extra touch students and I have been adding to our recitals this year are these little signs that we hang so parents can read them as they come into the studio. What would you say to fill in the blank?

What is music to you? Music is ... ?

Well done, students, for a fabulous performance!

- Miss Lisa

Christmas 2021

Friday, December 31, 2021 by Lisa Barwell | Performing

Christmas Fun

November - December 2021

Christmas time is always a special season here in the studio. We always celebrate in some way, whether it's with a recital or other performance, or with games and activities themed for the season. 

This year, we created a special Advent Calendar for family and friends to follow along with each day. To count down the days until Christmas, a video was released each day on the studio YouTube channel that featured a student performance. Click here to go over to YouTube and see our videos. We had fun preparing and recording our music for the project!

After working hard for several weeks on the Advent Calendar, we were ready for a break! Lily Music Studio students enjoyed playing games in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Lily Music Studio students love to play music games!

We hope you all had a fun Christmas season, too!

- Lisa

Fall Performances

Saturday, November 24, 2018 by Lisa Barwell | Performing

Fall Performances 2018

Sharing Music with Others

This fall semester we were presented with a couple of unexpected opportunities to perform. We jumped at the chance to share our music with others and had so much fun doing so!

Here are some of the students who performed background music at a craft fair. They prepared quite a few pieces and played on a rotation for several hours. They were amazing! Vendors mentioned that they enjoyed hearing the music throughout the morning.

Another group of students performed for residents at Taylor Home on Veterans Day. We had so much fun meeting the people there and heard many stories of their time in the military. We enjoyed seeing their pictures and hearing their memories!

The students and I learned a lot through these experiences. The students learned more about how to choose and prepare their own music and we all grew in our knowledge of stage presence and musicianship. We are grateful that we could share our music with others!