Continue the learning this summer

Taking the summer off of piano lessons? Check out these resources to keep the learning going:

Does your student want to write his or her own music? Click the links below:

Composing for Level 1B and up

Composing for Level 1B and below

Here are some fun, summer word searches!

Note Reading Word Searches

Is your student playing full 8-note scales? Here's a great review video for them to watch (see video comments for time stamps of specific scales).

Scale Video (white keys)

Scale Video (Gb & Db)

Here's an example of the pentascale warm-up we do in our studio:

Pentascale Warm-Up

Keep your student moving forward in their lesson books or review old pieces. Here are some playlists I've created to enrich students' understanding of some of the pieces in each book.

Treasures in Technique Book 1

Treasures in Technique Book 2

Treasures in Technique Book 3

The Clementi Sessions

The Amadeus Anthems

The Beethoven Sessions

The Sebastian Sessions

The Victress Sessions

Need an incentive to keep your kiddo practicing and on track? Check these out:

Summer Quest

Piano Parent Survival Guide

Want some new, motivating music? Check out these options:

Glissando (A) - early-Primer level

Chillin' (B) - early-Primer level

Nuts for Alpha Notes (C) - early-Primer level

My Piano Teacher is Prehistoric (D) - early-Primer level

Hildegard (E) - mid-Primer level

The Cat, The Mermaid (F) - mid-Primer level

I Dig Piano (G) - mid-Primer level

Sledward (H) - mid-Primer level

Rainbow Salad (J) - late-Primer level

High Jump Jackson (L) - level 1

Muttzart and Ratmaninoff (O) - level 1B

Fearless Fortissimo Comic - level 2A and up

Rock Repertoire - teen beginners

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-Miss Lisa