Piano for K5 - 12th Grade

Beginner to Intermediate levels

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Piano students in this age group learn how to play a variety of musical styles and also have the opportunity to compose their own music. Lessons are tailored to suit each student's needs and learning styles.

Students have the opportunity to perform at different venues throughout the year, including recitals, festivals, and group classes.
Group classes are scheduled throughout the school year and provide the students with more opportunities for learning and performing as well as a chance to get to know other students in the studio. We are a community here at Lily Music Studio!

  Students of Barwell Flute and Piano Studio perform in a recital in Jacksonville, FL  Students of Barwell Flute and Piano Studio enjoy a group class in Jacksonville, FL

45 minute lessons are recommended for most students, although 30 minute lessons are available for younger students if needed.

Lessons occur once a week, Monday through Thursday and Saturday.  

When you enroll in piano lessons, you are making a commitment for the entire school year and are agreeing to follow the studio policies.

A quality instrument is required for home practice.  You may purchase an acoustic or digital upright or grand piano.  Keyboards are not sufficient as they will not allow the student to fully learn the nuances of good piano playing.


Welcome back, students! Remember to utilize your online calendar to keep up to date with lessons, group classes, and events. Your binder will also have a calendar on the back for a quick 'snapshot' when you don't have time to log in.