January & February Group Classes

Wednesday, March 30, 2022 by Lisa Barwell | Group Classes

January & February Group Classes


Our winter group classes continued the theme of learning about the Medieval Era as well as giving students the opportunity to perform for each other and play games together.

Playing games together helps students get to know each other and builds the studio community!

Students got to give their festival and recital solos a trial run in front of an audience while their peers listened and gave them positive encouragement and suggestions for improvement.

The last part of the class gave students time to compose a Medieval sounding 'plainchant.' I loved how the older students helped the younger ones!

After writing the music, we aged the manuscripts by crumpling the paper and dying it with tea!

The finished Medieval Manuscripts turned out beautifully!

Teachers can find the Medieval composition paper at my Teachers Pay Teachers shop!

Fun at Festivals!

Wednesday, March 23, 2022 by Lisa Barwell | Federation Festival

Festival Fun!

Spring 2022

We're wrapping up festival season here at Lily Music Studio. It's been busy as students memorized and polished their music! Above, you'll see students who participated in Federation Festival. They memorized and performed at least two pieces which were played in front of a judge. All students received Superior or Excellent ratings on their solos! We're so excited!

Below, you'll see two students who represented our studio at the JMTA (Jacksonville Music Teachers Association) Sonatina/Sonata Festival. They memorized one movement of a sonatina and performed in front of the audience and a judge. These kiddos were excited (and nervous) to perform on the stage with the Steinway! What a great experience!

Congratulations to all of these students for their bravery and dedication to their music! It's not an easy thing to perform for others and I'm so proud of their effort!

- Miss Lisa 💜