It's a new year!

Thursday, September 30, 2021 by Lisa Barwell | Group Classes

An exciting start to 2021-2022!

Fall 2021

Wow! What an eventful beginning to a fun, new year! We're still brimming with anticipation and excited for all the fun things ahead!

The theme for this new year of flute and piano lessons is "Bringing Color to the World With Our Music."

Students were excited to receive new music for the year!

September group classes taught students about the origin of the music staff and a little about the Medieval Era of music.

Games, as always, are a regular part of our studio curriculum and students are always interested to see what we'll play next!

Here's to a COLORFUL year ahead!

2016-2017: “A Musical Year”

Saturday, March 4, 2017 by Lisa Barwell | Group Classes

Week Twenty-Four


It’s group class week again! Group classes are so much fun and give us a needed break from routine. There were five classes scheduled this week and, because some students were attending Festival and others weren’t, I varied the lesson plans for each class.  This ensured that the Festival participants received the theory review they needed for their upcoming theory test and non-Festival participants focused on reinforcing some concepts they’ve been working on in private lessons.


Last month, students focused on rhythms and note values. This time, students focused on note naming by playing games including “Zoo Food,” “Sugar High,” and “Note Nabber.”



Non-Festival participants enjoyed “Trash to Treasure Composing.” They chose items from a paper bag and used them to create motives (short melodies) to turn into a full composition. Students were creative with using rubber bands, rings, ribbon, and plastic bugs!


After the games, Festival participants performed their prepared pieces for the class. Classmates wrote encouraging, specific comments for the performers. We’re learning to build each other up while constructively listening to music!



Festival participants also had the opportunity to participate in a theory review of music terms and symbols and duet partners were able to use part of the class time to rehearse. Our preparation paid off as everyone made a Superior or Excellent rating for their Festival events! Congratulations, students! 

2016-2017: “A Musical Year”

Monday, January 30, 2017 by Lisa Barwell | Group Classes

Week Nineteen


Hooray for Group Class Week! We always have so much fun in group classes. It’s a refreshing change of pace for everyone and gives students the opportunity to learn together, building friendships along the way.


Our first activity was Rhythm Cups. Students learned to feel the beat and listen to each other, while also having a blast passing cups to each other, tapping cups to their foreheads, and trying to tap each other’s cups! Each student also had the opportunity to create their own rhythms that we tapped with cups.




The theme for this week’s classes was rhythm. The remainder of the class consisted of games that reviewed notes, rests, and counting.


“Monster Smash” is always a hit with students!


“Quest for Rest” and “Over the Edge” are fun group games.


Students also enjoyed our new games, “Caught in a Pot” and “Puddle Jumper.”



Reviewing music theory and rhythms can be so much fun!