Parent Participation Week 2021

Friday, October 29, 2021 by Lisa Barwell | Parent Participation Week

Another week of parent & student fun!

Parent Week 2021

This week is one of my favorite traditions here at Lily Music Studio. Yes, it's a lot of planning and preparation on my end, but I just love to see the students sharing this time with their parent! Kids love to show what they know and it's especially meaningful to them to share their knowledge with someone they love. 

Activities during Parent Week 2021 included games, duets, performance time, rhythm cups, and a chance for students to teach their parent. Many parents now know how to play a scale or pentascale!

Lily Music Studio students love Parent Participation Week!

Fun, new additions this year included photo props (see above) and a little gift that reflected our theme for 2021-2022, Bringing Color to the World With Our Music (see below).

Lily Music Studio appreciates studio parents!

Thank you to all our studio parents who joined us for the special studio tradition!

- Lisa

Fall Fun!

Friday, November 20, 2020 by Lisa Barwell | Parent Participation Week

We've been having fun this Fall!

Autumn 2020

This year is off to a great start and I'm excited to share some highlights from our Fall Semester with you!

Sonatina Recital

On October 10th, summer students performed the sonatinas they learned and put on a lovely program! Not only did students perform for the distanced studio audience, but a large live-stream audience as well! Way to go, students!

Parent Participation Week

We had another fun week with parents joining us for lessons! I thoroughly enjoy this studio tradition and hope all the parents do, too. The students gain confidence as they perform for and teach music concepts to their parent. It's so fun to watch!

Learning about intervals in 'Dozy Dragon":

Teaching his mom how to play a scale:

FSMTA Composer Recital

I'm so proud of this gal for participating in the Florida State Music Teachers Association's Composer Recital that was part of the State Convention. Students submitted a video of themselves playing a piece by Wendy Stevens and only a few were chosen to be displayed on the state website's online recital page!

Reading her personal letter from composer Wendy Stevens:

Happy Thanksgiving!

A fun start to the year!

Monday, September 17, 2018 by Lisa Barwell | Parent Participation Week

Parent Participation Week


Wow! We had an amazingly fun week last week with parents joining us for our annual Parent Participation Week

The students got a kick out of teaching their parents a little about their instrument and rhythm and the parents had a blast playing theory games with their kids.

Students have been preparing since the beginning of the school year to play a special duet with their mom or dad. These pieces ended up sounding amazing! Students and parents are looking forward to playing them together at home, too.

Younger students enjoyed reading their Maxwell A. Skunk piano comics with their parent this week instead of with me. It was so fun hearing them read together!

I'm already looking forward to next year! Thank you, parents for making this week so much fun!

-Lisa Barwell

Flute and Piano Teacher

Lily Music Studio