Spring Celebrations!

Friday, February 26, 2021 by Lisa Barwell | Student Achievements

Hard Work = Big Achievements

Spring 2021

Since January, students have participated in two group classes, a recital, a music festival, and lots and lots of piano and flute playing. These things are worth celebrating! Our students are amazing - just look below for a few examples.

Playing in the Winter Recital

Students performed beautifully in their online 'Celebration!' recital released on February 20 via YouTube. I'm so proud of them for preparing and executing such a great program!

Participating in Federation Festival

So proud of these 18 students who have been working hard to prepare their music and pass their theory tests for our February Festival! Well done, students! 

Achieving Goals

Congratulations to our first students to complete 30 pieces this school year! 

Congratulations to these kiddos for being the first to earn their Johannes Brahms composer cards!

Remember to take time to celebrate ALL the moments; big or small. Have a happy spring!

Fall Fun!

Friday, November 20, 2020 by Lisa Barwell | Parent Participation Week

We've been having fun this Fall!

Autumn 2020

This year is off to a great start and I'm excited to share some highlights from our Fall Semester with you!

Sonatina Recital

On October 10th, summer students performed the sonatinas they learned and put on a lovely program! Not only did students perform for the distanced studio audience, but a large live-stream audience as well! Way to go, students!

Parent Participation Week

We had another fun week with parents joining us for lessons! I thoroughly enjoy this studio tradition and hope all the parents do, too. The students gain confidence as they perform for and teach music concepts to their parent. It's so fun to watch!

Learning about intervals in 'Dozy Dragon":

Teaching his mom how to play a scale:

FSMTA Composer Recital

I'm so proud of this gal for participating in the Florida State Music Teachers Association's Composer Recital that was part of the State Convention. Students submitted a video of themselves playing a piece by Wendy Stevens and only a few were chosen to be displayed on the state website's online recital page!

Reading her personal letter from composer Wendy Stevens:

Happy Thanksgiving!

Celebrating an amazing year!

Tuesday, June 2, 2020 by Lisa Barwell | Student Achievements

End-of-Year Wrap-Up

June 2020

This year has been full of fun and success! It ended rather strangely as we transitioned online due to the pandemic, but everyone adjusted well and continued to make great strides forward in their progress.

Here are a couple of fun end-of-year stats; our students in K5-4th grades practiced a combined total of 831 days and our students in 5th-11th grades completed 433 pieces and donated $43.30 to help Friday Musicale provide scholarships to music students. I'm so proud of our kids!

I’m so proud of our two seniors who performed their senior recitals via livestream during the month of May. Best wishes to both of them as they begin the next stage of their journey!

Livestreamed Senior Recital #1


Congratulations to this student for earning all 6 composer cards this year! Students in K5-4th earn a card for every practice chart that they complete. Each card represents 25 days practiced. Students in 5th grade earn a card for every 10 pieces they learn.

All six composer cards!

Quite a few students moved up to new books this year! It's always excited to see this visual mark of their progress.

Several students earned Gold Cups from Federation Festival this year. I’m so excited to give them out later this summer! Certificates will also be handed out to all festival participants throughout the summer.

Have an awesome summer!