2016-2017: “A Musical Year”

Saturday, August 27, 2016 by Lisa Barwell | Binder Organization

Week One

I have set a large goal for myself, that, hopefully, I will be able to pull off!  This year, in our studio, there will be 34 weeks of lessons from August through May.  I want to write a blog post about each one!  I want to do this to show everyone who is interested some of the activities we do each week.  I hope you enjoy reading!

The start of a new year…Making videos is a regular part of our studio curriculum.  The students sometimes get a little nervous when making their recordings, but I love to have a record of their progress!  It is a beautiful thing to watch a video from a year ago and listen to the improvement over time.

Finger posture is incredibly important in growing as a pianist.  To help each student feel what it’s like to have correctly curved fingers, we crafted these little “fingercise cups.”  This idea came from www.TeachPianoToday.com.  We used our new tools to practice rhythms while focusing on curved fingers.


Students enjoyed a little “back-to-lessons” treat.  I found these cute cards on the Teachers Pay Teachers website.  A fun way to welcome students to the new studio year!

We have all been excited to use our new binders this year.  Thanks to Susan Paradis, we have cool binder covers with matching calendars.


Our binders are helping us stay organized with sections for assignments, music, theory worksheets, a music dictionary, and practice help.


We're anticipating a great year in the studio!

Thanks for reading!