About the Lessons


Learning and fun through hands-on activities

Students of Lily Music Studio receive a well-rounded music education.  We learn by playing our instrument, listening to others, and learning about music theory through various activities, including games.  Students also learn about the history of music and compose their own pieces. We have a lot of fun in lessons!


Tuition includes 35 weeks of lessons and group classes this school year beginning August 19, 2019.  Students are welcome to join the studio mid-year.

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Student of Barwell Flute and Piano Studio playing piano in Jacksonville, FL

Lesson Locations

Home Studio 
Lessons take place at my home in the Arlington area of Jacksonville, Florida. I have a separate building that serves as my music studio. Parents are welcome to sit in the waiting area of my studio during their child's lesson as long as they do not disrupt the lesson in progress.


University Boulevard Nazarene Church 
I teach one day a week at the DuFresne School of Music for students who attend the school or church or for those who live closer to the school than they do to my home studio.  Space and time is limited for this location. For more information about this facility, visit www.UBNC.org/SchoolofMusic.

Regarding Practicing

At lessons, I, as the teacher, will encourage and expect students to spend time practicing at home. However, as I will only see the student once a week, it is important for the parents to encourage and guide the students in their practice time at home. It helps to schedule a daily practice time into the student's routine. Check out my Pinterest Board for more suggestions.