Spring Celebrations!

Friday, February 26, 2021 by Lisa Barwell | Student Achievements

Hard Work = Big Achievements

Spring 2021

Since January, students have participated in two group classes, a recital, a music festival, and lots and lots of piano and flute playing. These things are worth celebrating! Our students are amazing - just look below for a few examples.

Playing in the Winter Recital

Students performed beautifully in their online 'Celebration!' recital released on February 20 via YouTube. I'm so proud of them for preparing and executing such a great program!

Participating in Federation Festival

So proud of these 18 students who have been working hard to prepare their music and pass their theory tests for our February Festival! Well done, students! 

Achieving Goals

Congratulations to our first students to complete 30 pieces this school year! 

Congratulations to these kiddos for being the first to earn their Johannes Brahms composer cards!

Remember to take time to celebrate ALL the moments; big or small. Have a happy spring!