2016-2017: “A Musical Year”

Saturday, May 27, 2017 by Lisa Barwell | Federation Festival

Weeks Twenty-Nine through Thirty-Four

These last few weeks have been busy and full of student successes! We’ve been wrapping up the school year by playing games, improvising, recording the last videos for our annual celebration videos (parents receive these as their end-of-year gifts), and more. Here’s a glimpse into our last few weeks of the school year:

Our last group class of the year was full of fun rhythm activities:

Federation participants received their Gold Cups and certificates!

K5-4 th grade students have enjoyed collecting composer trading cards this year (they received one card for each practice chart they completed). We’ve learned about a lot of composers!

5 th -12 th grade students earned $58.90 that will be donated to churches in Europe to help them afford the tools needed for a music ministry. We are blessed to be able to give to others!


Students have grown so much this year. They've learned a lot of music but more importantly are developing a love of music that will go with them throughout their lives!