2016-2017: “A Musical Year”

Saturday, October 22, 2016 by Lisa Barwell | Recitals

Week Nine

For a couple of weeks now, we’ve been doing some composing activities in the studio.  Several students started a fun composing workbook by Andrea and Trevor Dow called, “Brave Sage and the Magical Motives.”  It gives the students the chance to compose simple motives (a short musical idea) and input them into specific places in each piece.  I love that, even though I am hearing the same piece often throughout the week, each piece is a little different.  I wanted to record this interesting activity so I made a mash-up video of our first piece in the book, “Hushabye Sleepy Bear.”  Enjoy watching!



 This was Fall recital week!  Six students came to the studio and played a lovely program for friends and family.  They’ve been working hard and enjoyed sharing their music with the audience.  Afterwards, everyone enjoyed a reception with food and fellowship.  Parents had the opportunity to see a project that the students completed; describing in one word what music is to them.  It was a wonderful recital!