2016-2017: "A Musical Year"

Friday, September 2, 2016 by Lisa Barwell | Games

Week Two

This week was Parent Participation Week.  It was interesting to have students’ parents join them in their lessons this week.  Some of the students were a little nervous, surprisingly, but different experiences help us to grow.  It was a valuable time for student, parent, and teacher!

To start the lesson, the parent joined the student on the bench and did some rhythm work with our “Fingercise Cup” that we made last week.  Students made up a rhythm and then their parent copied it and vice versa.  The student was able to give a demonstration of why we made this little cup (to help develop curved fingers) and also to practice listening skills.

I couldn’t resist the opportunity to play one of our new games!  I found three listening games that would be understandable to non-musical parents (although it turns out that many of the parents are musical!).  Early beginners played “Huddle Ducks,” older beginners played “Ready, Set, Scoop,” and intermediate students played “Tossing Todd.”  There were even opportunities for students to teach their parents a little about music.


Students then played one or two pieces from their previous week’s assignments.  The parent enjoyed having a mini-performance and afterwards had the chance to observe how we approach a new piece of music.

After performing, it was time for the parents to become the students!  The kids became the teacher and taught their mom or dad how to play something they’ve been learning, like a scale or piece.  Several of the students surprised me this week by showing some natural teaching ability!  That was a fun discovery!

Some students even got to read a TEDDTale with their parent.  What a great opportunity to share piano time together!

To finish out the lesson, parents received these little treats.  Yum!

What a fun week!