The Summer Semester

Growing our students in creativity, independence, and confidence while having fun making music!

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Summer Curriculum:  

Flute Fun!

  • This summer, enroll your little one in our new "Tiny Flutes" program for ages 5-7! These students will use the Nuvo Toot as this is an accessible instrument for their tiny fingers. See below for pricing. 
  • For tiny flutists who have already been playing the Toot, we'll be advancing our skills with fun activities and new music!
  • For older flutists, including adults, we'll be building ensemble skills and exploring activities and music of the student's choice.

Piano Pathways

  • Students who have already been playing piano for awhile will have a fun summer digging into new music of their choice! Students may choose from my HUGE selection of printable books or we can explore the wide variety of contemporary and past composers available to us.
  • Students who are beginning piano for the first time will enjoy starting their piano journey with lots of activities and games, both on and off the bench!
  • As always, our learning process will include many interactive methods (including games) to keep students engaged, thinking, and having fun.

Piano at Home

  • Families needing a more flexible, self-paced approach should consider this Video Lesson option. This is a great way to keep piano skills honed while still allowing time for a flexible learning schedule! Available with or without teacher feedback. 
  • This special track is open to:
    • WunderKeys students - both brand-new beginners (ages 5-8) and those who have been playing awhile.
    • Alfred Premier students - only those who have already been playing out of this method in the studio.

Tuition Options & Schedule:

Flexible packages to fit your summer lifestyle:

  • For specific information about our Piano at Home video lessons, click here.
  • Students may choose a package of 3 or 4 summer lessons (30 minutes each for all Tiny Flutes, 45 minutes each for pianists and older flutists) that may be scheduled over select weeks throughout June and July.
  • The first lesson must take place in-person at my home studio. All other lessons may be either in-person at my studio or online.
    • Regarding online lessons:
      • Students should be prepared and ready to go before I arrive virtually.
        • Piano students should be sitting at the piano with their tablet or computer set up at a good angle - I need to see their hands on the keys.
        • Flute students should have their music stand set up with the tablet/computer at such an angle that I can see their face and hands.
        • Check that your internet connection is stable. If using a mesh system, place one of the mesh devices close to the lesson area. 
  • Package rates (includes the lesson time, teacher prep time, summer music, and most supplies needed):
    • Tiny Flutes 
      • Brand new beginners - $160, includes 4 one-on-one lessons, Nuvo Toot, and music/supplies
      • 3-lesson Summer for those with some experience - $95 (30 minute lessons)
      • 4-lesson Summer for those with some experience - $122 (30 minute lessons)
    • Flute & Piano (in-studio/online)
      • 3-Lesson Summer - $136 (45 minute lessons) 
      • 4-Lesson Summer - $176 (45 minute lessons)
    • Piano at Home
      • With feedback from the teacher (in the form of videos, emails)
        • 3 Video Lessons - $80 (equivalent of 30 minute lessons) 
        • 4 Video Lessons - $105 (equivalent of 30 minute lessons)
      • Without feedback (work on your own using only the video lessons)
        • 3 Video Lessons - $57
        • 4 Video Lessons - $76

Complete Your Registration:

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To sign up for the Piano at Home video lessons, click here.

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